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Smart curtain and blind

If you ever had stayed in 5-star smart hotel, you have found that the curtains pull aside by people entrance or a switch controller. Does smart curtain use for job prestige? or does it has another advantages? Is it reasonable to cost for smart curtain?

Smart curtain

Why we don’t have luxury facilities in our home?

What is smart curtain/blind?

Smart curtain/blind is not an extraordinary device. Your room’s curtain can be changed to a smart curtain, too. You need to install a special rail instead of curtain rod.

What are the smart curtain/blind advantages?

Smart curtain

If you know smart curtain advantages, you will like it.


You don’t need to pull aside your curtains by hand. You can open and close them just by pushing a button or touching your tablet or phone screen. It is very effective for those hard to reach windows.

Programming capabilities

You can program them to open and close according to outside natural lighting as well as sunrise and sunset or in a specific time of the day. You can start your day very softly and don’t need alarm clock for waking up any more.

Increase home security

These days burglars are more smart than before so you need to smart your home, too. So according to above mentioned advantage regarding to programming ability, the smart curtain will open and close in certain trims and it look as if someone is at home even when you are not.

Smart home integration

exit and entrance module

Smart curtains or blinds are able to works with other smart devices, simultaneously. Your smart curtain can connect to the exit and entrance module of any smart devices in your home. They can even connect to the smart phone or smart home thermostats and open and close base on the home temperature.

No limitation for material

Some type of available smart curtain in markets are limited to the special cloths with less variety of color and design, but there is no limitation for smart controller.

Neither curtain materials (it can be cotton, silk or …) nor horizontal or vertical direction is important for automation.

Energy saving

The amount of energy usage will decrease impressively, if your smart blind system connects to the smart thermostat at your home. In this case, the curtain/blind will close during the hottest part of the summer days in order to decrease HVAC usage and whether to open in the cold winter days in order to keep home warm with sunlight. (Moreover, curtain’s light sensor has an important role). So you will save on your bills.

Increase your home value

Increase your home value by smart curtain

Did you ever think your home price would be increase by smart curtain?

Smart home is becoming popular day by day and in near future people would rather to buy or rent smart homes.

Smart home is a new technology, your home’s smart curtain is an option so, you can sell your home more expensive.