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What is smart lighting system? And how does smart lighting works?

Lamps can do other functions rather than just lighting. If you use thoughtfully of proper lamp in right place, it will highlight a frame, wall or any other things and add a romantic sense to your home landscape.

All functions will be done only by fingertip or voice command, smartly.

Smart lighting

In last years, controlling home or office’s lighting system by voice command used to be as a miracle, but todays by smart lighting system everybody have this miracle power.

What is smart lighting system?

Smart lighting is a system that you can control it from a program or app in your Apple, android phone or tablet.

This app enables you to arrange the bulb’s brightness and you can even change the color of colored LED bulbs.

Smart lighting system open up a world of possibilities for you. You can program it for

  • Watching TV
  • Dinner time
  • Reading

It is as easy as touching the screen for switching recipes.

How does smart lighting system works?

This system operates by a network that wirelessly connects each smart bulb to its nearest neighbor. This network plugs into the router, and links the other devices such as phone or tablet to the bulb. Some devices have remote controller which enable you to manage your home’s light from outside.

Brief explanation about home lighting techniques

Some people have brief information about lighting in interior design and some others just know to put a lamp in the dark place.

Totally there is three kind of lighting:

  • General lighting refers to natural daylighting and simple lamps on the ceiling.
  • Task lighting applied on a table for reading or doing some task.
  • Accent lightening is only decorative and direct viewer to one feature.

You may consider smart lamps as a simple bulb, with less beautiful appearance, which use only for general lighting. This idea effect on your decision for doing smart lighting system. Don’t worry, smart bulbs have much variety.

LED string light are smart home’s fellow

LED string light

If you use of backlighting whether around a bathroom mirror or chicken counter, it will be the showiest part of your home.

LED string lights are another option in order to beautify your home and to direct look to one side. Using of LED string light is more energy efficient than the others electrical bulbs. Also you can use automated strings which allow you to program them to an on/off and change color switch. You can even control the light temperatures. While white and yellow bulbs have a classical appearance, the LED strings light in unexpected colors add a spacy landscape to home decoration.

Automated Dimmers

Automated Dimmers

Recent studies show that room’s light and color temperature effect on sleep cycle. While the soft yellowish light helps you to sleep faster, blue or white light disturb your sleep.

Dimer is a device that reduce bulb’s light automatically.

By smart dimers which installed on the wall, you can control the brightness of any light in your room. They also have capability to show multiple light at once. So you can program smart lighting system for different times and scenario throughout a day.

For instance:

  • when you have guest
  • when you watching TV
  • when you are not at home

Since dimer bulbs have automated on/off switch, they have different decorative options.

Automated Dimmers

You can place them on the most out of reach place in your kitchen or back of a photo frame, and manage and control it easily.

Does it reasonable to cost for smart home lightening system?

You should pay money for smart home lighting system. It is a long-time investing. The LED bulbs not only are beautiful and brightness but also are low-consumption and save you in energy bills,

On the other hand, smart lighting system will help you to save money by:

  • Reducing the light temperature
  • And switching off lamps when you are outside.

Although using of smart lightening system is not pervasive yet, but everyone will find its advantages in near future.

If you smart your home, you will be one step ahead than others.