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What is smart Thermostat? What jobs does it do?

During the hot summer days, some people keep the cooling system on even if they are leaving home, so when they come back the home’s weather is cool and fine. At first glance, it may seem as a forethought, but when they receive water and electricity bills, it’s not reasonable.

smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the latest trend in home heating and cooling system. These programmable thermostats can remotely switch on your cooling or heating system by your phone on your way back to home.

Smart thermostats, contain sensors which control the heating and cooling system and arrange your home temperatures.

What is the smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat automatically manages the ambient temperature base on the daily schedule, whether condition and heating and cooling needs. More interesting, you can do it remotely by your smart phone, tablet or computer. But a smart thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection offers much more perks and advantages than the other ones.

What can a smart thermostat do?

The difference between smart thermostats and the traditional ones is being automation. The following items are some benefits of smart thermostats:

Save energy

save money and energy by smart thermostat

The main point of smart thermostat is to save money and energy.

Smart thermostat can automatically manage your home climate depending on your life habits, and each month save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Remote access

Most smart thermostat’s WiFi connection contain some sensors that control the heating and cooling system and work in conjunction with home conditioning system.

It means that you can even manage your home temperature when you are away. You need to install an application on your smart phone and via internet connection make desirable changes. Don’t worry anymore ever forget to turn down the heating and cooling devices when you are leaving home, smart thermostat can do this.

Easily program it

Smart home app is easy-to-use


Smart home app is easy-to-use, and even elderly persons, who are not familiar with smart phones, easily can work with this program and control smart home devices such as smart thermostat.

Although programing the traditional thermostat was difficult, but working with well-designed programmable smart thermostats is more comfortable and you can set several months’ schedule in few minutes. Surly you will love it.

Set vacation mode

When you are away, you can schedule smart thermostat on vacation mode. It can arrange the home temperature without any messing up the prior schedule.

Notify you of maintenance needs

A smart thermostat will alert you when air conditioning filter needs to change. You can check the last time maintenance just by pushing a button. You can choose one of these following ways to remind you when it’s time to change:

  • Receive SMS
  • receive email or thermostat alarm

Via this alarm no more worries about expensive repairs if you forget to change a filter.


If you are in bed and it’s cold, there is no need to wake up. You can increase the room temperature by your smart phone (if you have got your mobile device handy).

Analyze energy usage

Smart thermostat records the energy usage and show it in a weekly or monthly report and even compare your energy usage with the others users and reward you for using efficient energy.

Does smart thermostat decrease the energy usage?

Does smart thermostat decrease the energy usage?

The main advantage of smart thermostat is to save money on the heating and cooling bills by pushing you toward energy saving. It can manage your home’s climate automatically according to your current habit.

If the standard programmable thermostats are programed correctly, they will save energy.

According to recent researches most users never program their smart thermostat. If the smart thermostats are not adjusted and scheduled for weekdays, weekend or different condition, you will not see any energy and money saving, and you are just utilizing simple benefits such as weekly and monthly reports and remote controller.