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What is smart humidity/ temperature sensor?

The smart humidity/ temperature sensor indicate changes in-home temperature and humidity.

smart humidity/ temperature sensor

This sensor by reporting the climate changes and connecting to other smart devices in your home (such as air conditioning system, smart door/window sensor, smart irrigation system, smart curtain), helps to reduce wasted energy.

Humidity/ temperature sensor is designed for indoor use. It is perfect for maintaining and protecting musical instruments, clothes, electrical devices, houseware, artworks and other humidity sensitive household things.

This Wi-Fi connected sensor report the humidity/ temperature information within short times. You can connect to these sensors by your smart phone, tablet or computer and receive the report of any changes via text massage or email and prevent of further possible problems.

Where can we use humidity/ temperature sensor?

The smart humidity/ temperature sensor not only is usable for residential places and homes, because of the accuracy, durability and other advantages, it is also effective for industrial sites such as:


Poultry houses

Poultry houses

The indoor climate in poultry houses is very effective on bird’s health and well-being. The bird’s respiratory, digestive and behavioral problems in poultry houses, is more likely to occur because of nonstandard climate conditions.

Temperature and humidity are two main parameters in poultry house. you can increase efficiency optimization by recording these two parameters, constantly.

Wireless easy installation temperature and humidity recorder that connect directly to Wi-Fi router with no need to battery replacement, is a good option for this place. If you have smart sensor in your poultry house, there is no need to frequent attendance. This sensor will inform you if something is wrong.

More addition, you have access to your recorder through your phone, tablet or computer.

Freezers & Fridges

Freezers & Fridges

The maximum possible time for maintaining products in a store is depend on maintaining quality and conditions. Temperature and humidity are two main factors for keeping products in a store.

In a big fridge air condition is not same in whole parts. Close points to the entrance of air conditioning system are more cold than points which are close to the door entrance. Also the temperature between mass of products is different with room temperature. In order to persistent control of temperature and humidity parameters, you need a strong wireless sensor with no need to battery replacement that inform you of temperature and humidity through your phone or computer.

Ovio smart temperature and humidity with a waterproof wall that guarantee a real function and durability in a big industrial store, contain all above descriptions.

Food store

Food store

Protecting customer’s health is the first priority for every food supplying stores and it comes after protecting of products. All food products have an expiry date that should be kept in a specific temperature and humidity condition.

Most times, incorrect maintaining condition has no obvious effect on products or its package. For example, Beef may defrost and freeze again without any visible evidence.

According to world health organization, monitoring and recording temperature in all food storages, freezers and fridges is a registered obligatory regulation. Any small mistake in this job treat the many peoples’ life.

But any problem has a solution. Wireless sensors which records temperature every few minutes report the exact temperature and humidity rate and will notify you by text massage or email if any problem is occurred.

The following items are advantages of continuous temperature recording in stores:

  • Guarantee products’ health as well as customers’ health
  • Provide temperature and humidity statistic for further referral
  • Preserve stored food from any possible damage causes by human error in storage or handling



The patient’s need is the first concern in hospital and even hospital staff should adjust their cloths for patient’s comfort. More addition some places in hospital such as surgery rooms and drug storage rooms should have accurate monitoring for stable temperature and relative humidity. Embedding wired temperature and humidity recording and alarm system is very costly, on the other hand installing wireless system for every places is difficult and needs huge effort.

Ovio smart temperature and humidity system is the most reliable and reasonable option for monitoring temperature and humidity in a hospital.

This Wi-Fi connecting wireless system with no need to battery replacement, reduce the cost and energy usage.

Museum and Antique

Museum and Antique

Temperature and humidity are two main factors in the process of decay, so controlling these items in places such as museum, antique shop or galleries is very necessary. Humidity and temperature sensor is a very effective device for these places. This device record the temperatures and humidity in the inner memory in short intervals. You can monitor this information as a number or graphs through the installed application in your phone, tablet or computers in every place.


In many scientific labs measuring and recording temperatures and humidity is a daily routine job. Temperatures and humidity sensor do the most accurate measuring in the following ways:

  • Remote adjustable measuring during short intervals
  • Direct connection to ordinary Wi-Fi
  • Connection capability via Ethernet cable
  • Remote access to all registered data
  • Provide temperatures and humidity statistical reports as graphs
  • Provide output information as Excel

Temperatures and humidity sensor


Baby room

Children are more sensitive to environmental conditions. By managing the child’s room temperatures and humidity many difficulty and diseases can be found and treated.

Many problems may accrue because a window left open as well as inappropriate air conditioning and much humidity or dry air in a baby room.  Humidity and temperature sensor monitor a child’s room climate and inform you if temperature or humidity exceed or fall below your defined limits.

Server room

Server room

Ambien’s temperatures have a significant effect on energy consumption and computer’s performance. So, temperatures and humidity in server rooms and data centers should be under the control and supervision.

More addition, a temperature alarm system in the server room can inform the maintenance personnel if RH or temperatures exceeds an acceptable threshold.

Temperature and humidity sensors performance is not limited to above locations and is effective for the other places such as:

  • Straw warehouse
  • Organizations
  • Studios
  • Pharmacy
  • Greenhouses
  • Cafe & restaurants
  • Underground
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Hotels

Humidity and temperature   sensors is the best option for measuring temperatures and humidity conditions, it is applicable in very high or low temperatures, doesn’t matter whether it’s humid or dry.