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Smart Hotel

If you want to have a better perception about the concept of a smart hotel , it is better to consider the following questions:

  • Do you like to play your favorite music while you are walking in the hotel rooms?
  • Do you like a bright or low light room? (Smart lightening system)
  • Do you like your room’s curtain be open or closed? (Smart curtain)
  • What is your ideal room temperature? (Smart thermostat)
  • And finally, do you like your room condition set according to the answer of above questions?

Features of hotel automation

You may consider a room with these conditions as a dream but by automation all these facilities can be utilized. Many big hotels have applied the automation technology. Maybe some hotelier considers automation as time and money wasting but in fact it is completely reversed. By increasing number of smart phones user and innately comfort-seeking behavior of humans, we can say hotel automation is one of the most efficiency and profitable technique for tourist attraction, time and money saving.

Features of hotel automation

Some characteristics of a smart hotel are as bellow:

Offer services base on the guest messaging

The guest can send massage and orders to the servant via a mobile app in his/her smart phone. More addition, he is also able to request items and services from various parts of the hotel through a menu in this app.

Online check-in and check-out

The passenger can check in to or out of the hotel by a click on

his smart phone and no need any more to wait in the line at the front counter.

Motion-detected and keycard-enabled guest room

smart hotel

Occupancy sensors can detect the guest entrance and turn on lights and temperature control when the guest enter the room. Sometimes guest can insert the room card into a reader near to the door and activate lights and temperature system.

Room assignments

Some hospitality solutions automatically assign rooms based on the guest recorded habits and preferences, for example, controlling room’s lights and opening or closing curtain.

Benefits for hotels

 save time and money by automating your hotel

Save staff time

In a smart hotel , there is no need all personnel respond manually to every single massage from guest. Instead, management can pre-program responses for the guest specific orders, then personnel can concentrate on more complicated issues and the timely fulfillment of guest requests. By applying this method, personnel efficiency will enhance. Server robots by doing simple task such as delivering an item, like a clean towel to the guest, will increase services provided by the hotel.

Quick response to the guests

Hotel automation can guarantee that all guest’s requests are replied and there is no human fault. Under this condition, the guests will perceive to what extent their needs are important for the hotel manager, consequently it can lead to a higher level of trust between the guest and hotel.

Hotelier should consider that every single response should not be automated because in some condition guest is expected to receive a response that are not just sympathetic but also helpful. The serious guest problems should be follow up personally by management to avoid alienating the guest further.

Cost reduction and increased revenue

Hotel automation can help to reduce expense and increase income, in different part of a hotel. All provided services and products by the hotel are in the app menu, so guests can easily order their needed items through their smart phones or tablets. Hotel automation can increase the sale as well as minimize the energy cost likes water, gas and electricity bills. For example, when guests are outside of the room, lighting and air conditioning system will be deactivating.

Benefits for guests

 hotel automation

Allow for self-service

We live in a world where people prefer to do things on their own. Usually guests prefer to have a self-service option. The points that should be consider by hotelier is the hotel automation must be equaled by impeccable services. For example, enabling self-service for some services doesn’t mean to cancel the online reservation, it just increases the guest’s options.

Unique services

Through the smart hotel system, the hotel can save the guest’s information and habits and then apply them for further referral in order to design an experience tailored specifically to them. For example, if a smart hotel inform that a guest enjoys pedicures at the spa, in the next referral the hotel can suggest them pedicures at the spa.

Guest convenience

After a long flight, guests don’t like to stay in the line to check in. By online reservation no need to stay in line. More addition by this app, guest can ask for what they need and when they want it? In this condition all their requests are responded in a timely manner.

Is there any un-warm welcome in the smart hotel ?

Some people believe that if a guest enters to the hotel and there won’t be a servant to bend and respect them, it means an unwarm welcome. It is quite false. When a guest enters to the room and as his entrance, lights turn on automatically, curtain pull aside, the hot and cool system adjust automatically and his favorite music is played, it is the best welcome without any disturbance.

It doesn’t matter whether you have100 or 1000 rooms in your hotel, smart automation can able you to manage your hotel more convenience and all smart devices work automatically. So, you just concentrate to make a memorable experience of a five-star hotel for your guests. By this system you can also see where energy is being wasted.

If you automate your hotel, then you can save energy to 50 percent in peak time just by one click. No need any more to check all rooms and ask guest to turn off any extra devices that are not being used.