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Smart home for elderlies

Smart home for elderlies

Smart home for elderlies

October 31, 2018 mahsa

If you talk with elderlies in the elderly care house, all of them believe that their children don’t love them and have kicked them out of home. They have right to be displeasure of their children. But why did this happen?

If we look to this issue from the other aspect, children have right, too. These days we should have money for loving our relatives. We should work hard to get money, consequently there is not much time to care of elderlies relative.

Is there any solution for this issue?

Smart home development products, cause more security and automate daily activities. It is good to know that gadgets and devices not only don’t limit elderlies’ life but offer freedom for them.

For instance, environmental sensors such as carbon monoacid detector and smart stove can alarm the user of possible danger remotely.

More addition, the elderly people if learn the easy function of smart home system, can lock or unlock door and turn on/off TV or lights just by touching the smart phone screen. They can do many other task that give them feeling of independency and increase their hope of life.

In this article we have mentioned some benefits of smart home for elderlies .

Prevent possible damage

One of the most important advantages of smart home for elderlies is doing tasks by device and help of technology rather than manually. This feature is very helpful for elderlies who may fall down while walking or have limited mobility; they can turn on/off lights, open and close doors and adjust room temperature just by touching smart phone or tablet screen.

On the other hand, during ageing, the eyes may receive less light from environment and when an elderly people enter to a room, their eyes may take few minutes to adjust with the surrounding light and may fall down. Smart lights can reduce the risk of falling down.

smart home for elderlies


Convenience is as important as security. Smart home apps are very helpful for elderly people. Aging is associated with decreasing metabolism rate that cause to feel cold frequently. A smart thermostat not only allow you to control temperature but can learn also your behavior and preference. In this condition, temperature can adjust automatically and no need to think about it. Some models also detect the residents’ attendance and adjust home temperature. This model is very suitable for elderly people.


Burglaries is the most common anxiety for elderlies who live alone. The smart home security system shows all the comings and goings, alert suspicious activities and allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely. More addition, some sensors can alert you in case of smoke, carbon monoxide or very high temperature in the surrounding space.

smart home for elderlies


You can monitor elderlies who live alone. The relative members can monitor their elder parent by smart camera and be inform of potential dangers.

Promoting independence

The new technology has changed the elderlies’ life and their caregivers. The elderly people can do their individual affairs in their own with help of smart home technology that leads to increase the independence feeling and hope of life.

Programing “if this, then that” (IFTTT)

Smart home installer can gather different devices onto one home automation system and program them to start in a specific time of a day or in case of a happening. For instance, if your home residents leave a door unlock from 11 to 5 Pm, an alarm massage will send you.

Further smart home’s innovations may include the environmental sensor and functional surfaces, such as a chair that lift elderly out of sleep position.

The new smart home will include complex environmental sensors, but in the meantime you can make the life of your elderly relative’s more comfort and safe.  In a smart home for elderlies , elderly people don’t feel fear and loneliness anymore.