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Smart office

Smart phones, smart watches, smart glasses; we are surrounded with a smart technology in order to improve every area of our life. The primary goal of all smart devices is inner connection and work in coordinate with each other. Smart devices connections and their applications show the next step of human and computer interaction; it means smart office

Smart office

Think about all functions that your smart phone can do in a workday; you can check your email, edit your documents, and monitor your staff performance from anywhere by your smart phone.

Rather than the primary functions, some other applications are created to meet particular professional needs.

IOT not only provide a safe and comfort home but also has made smart home phenomena and can change the future of business. In 2008 the number of devices connected to Wi-Fi are more than the humans who access to the internet. It is estimated the number of smart devices will reach to 50 milliards by 2020.

What is a smart office?

When an office or organization surrounding is equipped by IOT devices and connected to internet, we can consider it as a smart place. In a smart office, the smart devices that are connected to internet, create a smart ecosystem that we can manage, monitor and control the work situation with them.

Advantages of a smart office

  • Convenience. If the staff have access to control over the temperature and humidity directly by their phone, they can make a suitable situation in their workplace.
  • Improve staff efficiency. Many tasks can be automated and staff can focus on their primary duty. Consequently, the professional goals will achieve faster and more accurate.
  • Save the energy usage. The smart temperature and lightening in the workplace cause to use energy resource more efficiently and save energy.
  • Increase security. Some security devices such as security camera and Wi-Fi connected sensors are very helpful for the site security. More addition, they can increase the transparency in doing task and decrease the administrative corruption.

Smart office

Smart office features

Smart thermostat

Adjusting the appropriate temperature for a mass population is a big issue in offices and organizations. The smart thermostat sensor, register the staff’s pattern use of cold and heat system. Then, will adjust the temperature according to their habits in different times of the day. When staff leave office, the smart thermostat turns off the cold and heat system. (Smart thermostat)

Smart lightening system

By smart lightening system, the lights will switch on/off as staff enter or exit room. Automated dimmers in this system can adjust the brightness of any light in your room based on the daylight.

Increase security

Security camera, smart locks and door/window sensors are the most popular devices for increase security in the offices. More addition, you can replace physical badges with digital system. The only thing that you need is an installed app in your smart phone in order to lock doors from inside or outside.

Smart office

Save energy usage

You can save much energy in your workplace and it doesn’t matter what is your job. Smart lightening system and smart temperature sensor has an important role in energy saving. Whenever sensors detect that there is no one in the room, the lightening, cold and heat system will turn off automatically in order to save energy.

More addition, smart curtain in the hot season, will open during the day in order to reduce solar heat gain by keeping sunlight out and pull aside in the cold season in order to get solar heat. Anyway, you can program your home devices and control them remotely as well as your smart office. This application can even show you the energy usage in different time.

Cooperation and relation

By automating the conference room, you are able to manage room more convenience. The smart scheduling system in conference room can remind you the meeting schedule. All rooms equipment’s such as projector and boards can be smart until all thing go ahead accurately in the meeting and speeches and nothing can prevent your success. All this equipment is just a small part of automation.

Smart office: is it luxury or necessary?

Despite of undeniable advantages of smart office, some pessimist people consider the automation as useless and luxury thing. This idea may make some business owner hesitant to invest for smart office. The automation meaning is much more than controlling the light and temperature by smart phone and can define it as a safer and more efficient function.

You will decide whether your office get smart but keep in your mind that the small increase in your business efficiency can make a strong competitive advantages in your business market. No need any more to remember that the convenience office has significant effect on attracting and maintaining the best talents.